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Allahabad Railway Station

Street Food Of Allahabad: A Foodie's Paradise


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Allahabad which is also known by the name 'Prayag' is a city which is located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is home to several educational institutions, research institutions as well as central and state government offices.

Allahabad which is also the cultural capital of Uttar Pradesh is famed for its Awadhi cuisines. They are widely known to patronize Mughal cooking. Here are some of the famous street foods of Allahabad.

    • Zamin Doz Macchli : -
Zamin Doz Macchli is one of traditional foods of Allahabad. It is a stuffed fish which is thoroughly cooked in earthen pots.

    • Dum Bhindi and Shab Deg : -
Dum Bhindi and Shab Deg are some of the other popular cuisines of Allahabad. Dum Bhindi is prepared by marinating yogurt while Shab Deg includes minced meat, turnips and few raw papayas.

    • Nihari : -
Nihari is a classical meat curry which is one of the preferred dishes by the elite Nawabs of Allahabad. It later emerged as one of the famous cuisines of local residents of Allahabad.

    • Sweets and Tangy dishes: -
Visitors who have a sweet tooth won't be disappointed since there are numerous sweets shops which are lined across the streets of Allahabad offering Gujia, Gulab Jamuns, Kheer, Sheer Qorma and Ghewar. They can also check out the famous Tandoori Naan and laccha paranthas along with locally prepared achhar. Another interesting specialty includes Motichoor ladoos which is available in the city railway station.

    • Poori and Kachauri : -
Those who wish to relish traditional poori and Kachauri may head to Nirala Mishthan Bhandar which is one of the oldest shops in the city.

    • Allahabadi Dishes : -
Visitors who wish to savor typical Allahabadi dishes may proceed to Hari Ram and Sons which serves stuffed pancakes, khattae chanae and daal moth.

    • Biriyani and Kabab : -
One of the famous restaurants in the city of Allahabad is Eat on Masala restaurant which serves Biriyani and Kabab at affordable rates.

    • Rasgula and Jalebi : -
Those who wish to taste local sweets of Allahabad may head to Heera Halwai. They serve Gari Ki Barfi as well as Rasgula and Jalebi.

Allahabad Railway Station

Allahabad Railway Station | Image Resource : im0-c75.kxcdn.com

The city of Allahabad is undoubtedly a foodie's paradise.

The Allahabad Railway Station is the headquarters of North Central Railway Zone. It is located in the Allahabad district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. All major trains originate and halt at this station.

Various modes of transport such as rickshaws, buses and private cabs are available outside the premises of this station. This station is also an easy access to various points of interest in this heritage city such as Sangham Saraswati Ghat, Anand Bhawan Company and Bagh Minto Park. Adequate safety measures are not available at this station.

About forty four fast passenger trains in India originate from and halt in the Allahabad Junction Railway Station. Some of the leading engineering workshops of Indian Railways are located at Allahabad.