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Kolkata to Bangalore Flight

Romantic Getaway in Bangalore For Couples

Kolkata To Bangalore Flight | Image source: stz.india.com

The city of Bangalore is known for its young and vibrant crowd and entertainment places like malls, parks of international standards. There are enough reasons to rejoice when you land in this city with your beau. Whether you are lovers of nature, or like to hang out at a mall or a coffee shop, the city has endless options to choose from. You can indulge in spas or visit parks to enjoy some picturesque views and have some quiet time with your partner

Enjoying sunrise in Hebbal Lake
  • This destination is well within the limits of Bangalore at present and is a prefect destination for bird lovers.
  • Located near Hebbal flyover you can take some of the finest clicks of the sunrise if you can make it at the right time.
Adventure with paragliding at Nandi Hills
  • While paragliding is for truly adventure lovers, it allows couples to relax their minds after a busy week in office.
  • If you are in a mood to experience freedom, this is the best experience ever and the location is appalling.
Quality time in spas
  • For an ultimate and rejuvenating experience you can always decide to relax in the spas whether you are in this city for pleasure or business.
  • There are customized packages, healing techniques and massage therapies that will pull the stress down.
  • You will surely come out feeling fresh after spending some time in a spa.
  • When you book Kolkata to Bangalore flight, it is good to look through the options for couples to spend a day in this city.
Soaking the sun in a picnic spot near Ulsoor Lake
  • The idea of stepping out of the city but not moving too far can be satisfied when you plan a nice picnic near Ulsoor Lake.
  • This is a spot you cannot miss while in Bangalore.
Exploring the less explored Thattekere Lake

Thattekere Lake | Image source: wikimedia.org

  • It is located towards the south of Bannerghatta National Park and is one of those places which are less frequented by people.
  • Bird watchers can discover different species of birds in this location and take their clicks.
Spending time in a resort
  • For relaxing with friends, you can pull out the cobwebs and spend some of the finest moments with your friends in any resort in the surroundings.
City which runs
Bangalore is a city which has a pace of its own but couples will have a lot of things to do if they are here for a day and enjoy those refreshing moments.