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Hangout Places In Pune: It’s Time To Spend A Cool Weekend !

India is known for its diversity in culture and this diversification attracts every kind of tourist from every corner of the world. Pune is one such happening place in India which can be found in any travel enthusiast’s bucket list. So if you can’t zero down on a spot to spend your weekend then you can gather your energetic friends and make a trip to Pune.
Before packing bags and setting out for the much anticipated tour don’t forget to get your sun block and umbrella ready because Pune is known for its hot flashes at summer and sudden splash of rains in monsoons. But does that deter your enjoyment? Not at all as Pune’s got some amazing spots to make your day perfect.

Exciting places in Pune to visit

If you want to visit memorable places in Pune then these following places are best for you. Let’s check it out.

Tribal Cultural Museum:

This museum is maintained and managed by Tribal Research and Training Institute. The entry fee for Indian adults and children (between 6-12) is RS.10 & RS.5 respectively whereas for foreigner adults and children (between 6-12) it is RS.200 & RS.100 respectively. The museum displays the jewellery, artifacts, utensils, musical instruments used by the tribes. The museum also preserves the tribal hunting methods.

Shaniwar Wada:

This fort was established in 1732 by the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. This fort was however destroyed by a sudden fire on 1828. The remaining structure now serves as a tourist spot.


Shaniwar Wada | Image Resource: 3.bp.blogspot.com

Osho International Meditation Resort:

The resort follows the meditation pattern of Gautama Buddha and the Zorbas (Greek) to enrich the mind, body and soul. There is a pool side eatery inside the resort. Accommodation rates are usually cheaper in the summer months. The cost per day for Indian nationals and foreigners are 870 & 1790 INR.

Dagdusheth Ganapati Temple:

This temple was established on 1893 by Dagdusheth Halwai and his wife upon the recommendation of Shri Madhavnath Maharaj in order to heal themselves from their grief of losing their son to plague.  An annual 10 days long function is held in the honor of lord Ganesha. The idol of the deity is 7.5 feet tall and 4 feet wide and adorns 8 kilos of gold.

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum:

Dr.Dinkar Kelkar dedicated this three-storey museum to his son Raja. This museum contains jewelleries made up of gold, silver, and ivory, musical instruments, war equipments, 14th century sculptures etc.

The best hotel to check-in in Pune

It is always very convenient and wise to book the rooms beforehand. Le Meridien Pune is absolutely a breath taking stop. This 5 star luxury hotel has 177 AC rooms with each having 42 inches LCD T.V. Room service is available 24/7. Wi-Fi, internet, lift facilities are superb.


Le Meridien Pune | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

Besides this you can also find spa, banquet, and swimming pool. Valet parking is also available. There is also a café inside the premises. Eateries serve excellent food too. The suites are divided into deluxe, deluxe room, royal club suite, and royal club with a price ranging from 23,322-32,277 INR.