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Delhi To Bagdogra Flight

Look For A Delhi To Bagdogra Flight And Experience The Flavor Of This Place!

Delhi to Bagdogra flight

Delhi to Bagdogra flight
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Bagdogra is an amazing destination of the state of West Bengal. It is a preferable destination among the couples who comes to visit this place to experience the romanticism that this place gifts them. There are so many things that one can find to see in this place. Although this place can be visited anytime of the year, the preferred time however is from October to December. So, if you want to plan your vacation to an offbeat destination, there can be no other better place than this.

Places to Visit in Bagdogra

Park, bridges, boat clubs, temples and many more things adds to the beauty of this place. Take a look at some of the amusing things to see when you’re in Bagdogra.
  1. Coronation Bridge: Located on the way to Doors and Kalimpong, this bridge is situated 37 kilometers away from the city. Built in 1930, and also known as Sevoke Coronation Bridge, this bridge has been constructed on the Teesta River, at a point where this river merges with the Rangeet River. It was built to celebrate the coronation of King George V and hence the name of this bridge.
  2. Science City: Also known as the National Bengal Science Center, this place is located 20 kilometers away from Bagdogra. It houses a planetarium and a nature interpretation center and is an amazing place to be in for the lovers of science. However, the planetarium is the main attraction of this place and organizes many astronomical events time to time.
  3. Surya Sen Park: This city is a refreshing destination and to lift this aspect even more, you need to visit this park. This is one of the most amusing places to be in. Located 16 kilometer from Bagdogra, this is a very popular picnic spot. Amidst the lush greenery of the park, you can even just sit for a while or take a stroll and get enchanted. This park is loaded with lots of facilities for children and even organizes many exhibitions on alternative energy sources. Named after famous freedom fighter, visiting this park is a delight.
  4. Umrao Singh Boat Club: For some activities and excitement when you are here, this boat club is the perfect place. Maintained by the Indian Army, there are many forms of boating experiences that this club offers to its visitors. There are different sizes of boats and ships, both engine fitted and paddling ones and you can simply choose the perfect one for you.
  5. Kali Mandir: This is one such place which should be visited when you are in Bagdogra. Constructed long back, the main deity worshipped there is Goddess Kali, although some other Gods and Goddesses are also worshipped inside the temple. This place is always crowded and one needs to visit this place to feel the real divinity and spirituality.

Bagdogra is comparatively a small place but is loaded with so many different types of flavors. So, if you want to explore this place, board a Delhi to Bagdogra flight and dwell in the momentum of this place.